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Good morning from Ocho Rios, Jamaica! .
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The Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa – Our Home Away From Home! Part 1

We just returned from another amazing trip to Jamaica and the Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa (or JDR as many of us know it)!


A picture of the pool deck at the resort at dusk. The buildings are lit up in the background, and there are palm trees lining the deck.
Even at night, the Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa property is beautiful!


This was our 13th straight visit to this particular property. There are a lot of resorts and hotels in Jamaica to choose from, but after trying a few others, we decided JDR is where we want to go every year.

Because I’ve been to the Jewel Dunn’s River so many times, I know the property like the back of my hand. I also have a TON of tips to share to help make your stay as enjoyable as mine always is. In fact, I have so much to share, that I am splitting a summary of my latest visit into two separate posts.

The goal of Part 1 is to get you familiar with the property. I’ll share the history of the property, tell you all about the different rooms, as well as some of the features of the property like the pools and the beach.

Part 2 will be all about what to do! I’ll tell you about the different restaurants and bars, as well as all of the activities. I’ll even share my favorite places to venture off-property.

So, keep reading to find out how to become a pro like me, even if this will be your first visit!



The Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa is currently owned and operated by Hilton. However, the property has been through several owners over the years.

History of the Property

The property originated in 1958 as the Arawak Hotel. Ironically, the hotel was purchased by Hilton Hotels in the early 1960s. It quickly transferred to the Americana. In the early 1970’s, the property was transformed into Eden II, and was the first and only hotel that famed architect Morris Lapidus designed in Jamaica. The inspiration for Lapidus’ design was Lake Como in Italy.

In 1990, Sandals purchased the resort and began a massive refurbishment of the property, including constructing a replica of Dunn’s River Falls in the main pool.


A picture of the waterfall in the main pool. There is a gazebo at the top of the waterfall.
The waterfall at the main pool was built to replicate Dunn’s River Falls, which is located just down the road from the resort. You can book a private dinner in the gazebo on top of the waterfall during your stay.


Sandals officially opened the resort in 1991. With the opening of Sandals Dunn’s River, Sandals became the largest operator of fully all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Jamaica’s second-largest employer (the Jamaican government was the largest).

After 20 years of operating the property, Sandals decided it no longer wanted the resort in its portfolio. Sandals seemed to be going in the direction of larger resorts, and with only 250 rooms and not any space to expand, Dunn’s River wasn’t what Sandals was looking for. So, the property was temporarily shut down.

The Jewel Takes Over

The Jewel, which was a hotel/resort management company based in the U.S., took ownership of the property. After a few months of doing some upgrades, hiring and training staff, and getting everything set, the resort re-opened as The Jewel Dunn’s River.

Shortly after taking over Dunn’s River, the Jewel acquired two additional locations in Jamaica – Runaway Bay and Paradise Cove. A few years ago, Hilton acquired the Jewel properties in Jamaica, and Jewel Dunn’s River is now part of Hilton’s Curio Collection.

All three Jewel resorts on the island are all-inclusive. The Jewel Paradise Cove and Jewel Dunn’s River are adult-only resorts, while Jewel Runaway Bay is family friendly. The latest addition to the Jewel family in Jamaica is the Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa. Located on the property that was formerly the Palmyra, the resort is also all-inclusive and only a few years old.



Before you arrive, if you have never been to Jamaica, be sure to check out my previous post about Jamaica. I give you my 15 tips and tricks to help you with planning your trip and arriving on the island. You can check it out here:

Jamaica! 15 Tips and Tricks to Get You Ready For Your Trip!

The Rooms

The Jewel Dunn’s River has 250 rooms, which makes it the perfect size in my opinion. Even when the resort is at full capacity, it never feels over-crowded and you get to know your fellow guests after a few days.

There are different levels of rooms on the resort. Here is some information on each, to help you decide which room is best for you:

Emerald Lanai: These are the smallest and lowest cost rooms. They are housed in two buildings on the east end of the property. The buildings are two floors, and there is no view of the ocean from the rooms. The first floor rooms have a small patio area outside the room. The second floor rooms have a shared balcony and no patio area. The rooms are 327 square feet and contain a king bed, two chairs, a desk and dresser in the main bedroom. The bathrooms are configured one of two ways. Some have a small tub/toilet area, single sink and large closet. Others have a large jacuzzi tub, separate toilet and double sinks, but there is an armoire rather than a closet.

Tip #1: If you don’t plan on spending much time in your room and don’t care about an ocean view, this is the room for you. The rooms are quite comfortable (although the bathroom is a bit small).


A picture of the tub and toilet area in the Emerald Lanai room.
The small bathroom contains a tub and toilet. Plus, the door opens in, which makes it pretty hard to maneuver inside.


Tip #2: If you have two adults traveling together that want to split a room but not share a bed, there are a limited number of rooms in this building with two double beds. Be sure when you book that you specifically request one of these rooms, and confirm directly with the resort before you arrive.

Tip #3: These buildings do not have elevators. So, if you have a hard time going up and down steps, be sure to request a room on the first floor. Same as above, specify this request on your reservation and confirm directly with the resort before you arrive.

Sapphire Building: The Sapphire Building is located in the center of the resort (above the lobby area). All the rooms are 347 square feet and have private balconies, so you have a bit more space than in the Emerald Lanai building. There are three different room levels in this building. While the size and configuration of all of the rooms is the same, the difference in room level is the view – limited ocean view (Premier Level), full ocean view (Sapphire Ocean View), and mountain view (Sapphire Mountain View).

Tip #4: If you are in this building, request a higher floor room. The views are much nicer above the trees for the ocean view rooms. For the mountain view rooms, the higher up you are, the quieter it will be. The driveway/entrance to the resort will be below you and the buses can be noisy when pulling up.

Diamond Building: All the rooms in the Diamond Building include concierge service. While every room on the resort has a mini-fridge stocked with water, soda and juice, the rooms in this building are also stocked with alcohol. Each room has Red Stripe, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of the house white wine in the fridge. You will also have a bottle of house red wine and four different types of liquor in your bar.

Tip #5: Re-stocking the mini-fridge is done separately from housekeeping. If your mini-fridge isn’t being re-stocked, just leave a note for them and they will bring whatever you need. We tend to go through a lot of bottled water, so we leave a note at the beginning of our stay asking that they leave four new bottles every day.

In these rooms, you also have access to full room service and the services of the concierge desk. Every room in this building also has ocean views and private balconies.

Tip #6: The Diamond Building is located on the western edge of the resort. If you are staying in this building, request a higher floor for a better view. Also, request a room on the east side of the building facing the resort. There is a Riu resort right next door, and if you are on the west side of the building your room will be facing that resort, which is not as nice of a view and can be noisy.


A view of the ocean overlookin the resort. There is a palm tree in the foreground.
The view from our Diamond Concierge room. We were in room 3314, which was on the third floor on the east side of the building overlooking the resort.


There are three different room levels here as well. Diamond Concierge rooms are the smallest at 455 square feet, with a separate sitting room and bedroom. The bathrooms contain a large jacuzzi tub, separate toilet area, double sink, and closet area.



A picture of a king sized bed with a canopy, a chair with a table, and balcony doors in the distance.
Our Diamond Concierge room had a large bedroom with a balcony off the bedroom looking over the ocean and the resort.


A picture of the sitting room with a coffee table, chair and couch. There is a desk and chair in the distance, and another balcony.
Our Diamond Concierge room also had a couch and chairs and a desk. There was another balcony off the sitting room. When I took this picture, I was standing in the dining area, which contains a table with four chairs and the bar area.


A picture of the jacuzzi tub in the room.
Our Diamond Concierge room had a large Jacuzzi tub with a shower. The room had a separate area for the toilet, and double sinks as well.


The two highest levels of rooms also include butler service. This gives you access to the butler staff for any special needs 24/7. They will reserve seats by the pool for you, arrange a table for you at dinner, and make sure that everything with your stay is perfect. The Butler Suite is 822 square feet and the Honeymoon Haven Suite is 855 square feet. Both of these rooms have a separate large sitting room and bedroom. They also both have a large jacuzzi tub and separate walk-in showers. The Honeymoon Haven also has a second bathroom with a toilet.

The Property

The Jewel Dunn’s River is small compared to many other resorts, which is one of the reasons we like it so much.

There are two pools, both of which have swim-up bars. The main pool is the larger of the two pools, and its where all of the daytime activities take place. If you are looking for quiet, this is not the place to hang out during the day. The entertainment staff hold various activities every day – everything from playing Bingo to Name That Tune. When there aren’t activities happening, there is music playing.


A picture of the main swimming pool with people sitting on chairs around the pool
The main pool, which is the larger of the two pools. There are always plenty of chairs around the pool. It also contains a swim up bar.


Tip #7: If you aren’t the type to sit around in your chair all day, get to know they entertainment staff and participate in the activities. The entertainment staff is not pushy, so they won’t force you to do anything. However, if you like to be active, it is a lot of fun if you get to know them and participate.

The other pool is around the piano bar and is the smaller of the two pools. This is where you want to hang out if you are looking for a little more quiet, although it can get rowdy in the afternoon if there are a lot of drinkers hanging out at the swim up bar.


A picture of the piano bar and the surrounding pool.
The piano bar pool is the smaller of the two pools. It’s more laid back for people who want more quiet during the day.


Tip #8: If you don’t like to be in the hot sun all day, there is a lot more shade at this pool area than the main pool.

There are two large hot tubs located near each of the two pools. They have both been recently renovated. The entire pool deck has also been renovated.

If you prefer the beach, there is a small beach area. In addition to the seating area, there is a beach volleyball court at the top of the beach.


A picture of a portion of the beach and a beach volleyball court.
A view of the beach and the beach volleyball court. The one disadvantage of this resort is the small beach.


Tip #9: The beach is not big, so “walking the beach” takes about 1 minute from end to end. During our visit, we noticed the sand also needs to be replenished. Beware when playing beach volleyball, as there is cement underneath the sand and the sand is not very thick.

Other Areas of the Property

Be sure to explore around the property. While the property isn’t very wide, it’s fairly deep. There are lots of little areas to explore behind the Emerald Lanai and Sapphire Buildings. You’ll find little hammocks to lounge in, fountains, and beautiful foliage.


A picture of a fountain surrounded by lots of palm trees and foliage, with a little seating area next to it.
One of the many hidden fountains and little seating areas located throughout the property. Be sure to walk around the resort and explore!


Tip #10: If you want to learn more about the grounds, look for the Nature Walk on the daily schedule. They will take you on a walk of the property and teach you about all of the plants and flowers.

In the “back” of the property you will find the gym. The equipment has been recently upgraded. There are two treadmills, two elliptical machines, and four stationary bikes. There are also free weights and weight machines.


A picture of weight machines in the open air fitness center.
Most of the equipment in the fitness center has been upgraded. These are some of the weight machines.


Tip #11: The gym is open air, so on a hot and humid day, prepare to sweat. There are towels available at the gym, as well as water. I bring a water bottle from my room, and end up refilling it a couple of times during my workout.

If you like tennis, there are tennis courts located behind the gym. There is also a small pitch and putt golf course, although my information tells me that renovation plans will eventually eliminate the pitch and putt area.

Throughout the property you will find other activities such as large chess boards, darts, and shuffle board.


A picture of a giant chess board on the property.
Chess anyone? This giant chess board is located in between the beach grill and the piano bar.


If you are looking to relax, you should check out the spa. In addition to the massage rooms, there is a sauna and hot and cold tubs available for you to use.

On the first floor of the main (Sapphire) building, you will find a couple of things in addition to the reception desk. If you follow the hall beyond the concierge desk area, you will find the gift shop. Keep going down the hall and you will find the tour desk, the hair/nail salon, and the nurse’s office. If you head back towards the gym and spa, you will find the photo shop and the wedding office.

Tip #12: The gift shop is the place to go if you forgot any toiletries or ran out of suntan lotion. In addition to clothing and little knick knacks, you can buy everything from rum to cigars to wine. As with most gift shops, the prices are a little high, but it’s very convenient if you need something.

Tip #13: If you are looking to buy a souvenir, check out the vendors set up on the beach. They bring a different vendor on property each day. Note that the prices from the vendors is negotiable. They also bring several vendors on property on “beach party” night.

So, that gives you a good overview of the property. You should feel right at home when you arrive.

Next up: Part 2, where I tell you everything you need to know about what to do, eat and drink on and off the resort.

Have questions about the Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa?  Want to learn more insider tips?  Comment below or e-mail me at

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2 thoughts on “The Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa – Our Home Away From Home! Part 1”

  1. Great information Christine! I saw a brochure with the cost of spa services, but it didn’t list the sauna, hot and cold tubs. Do you know if there is a cost for those?

    1. Nick,

      Thanks for checking the article out. I’m glad you found it helpful. There is no charge for the sauna, hot and cold tubs. Those are available for anybody to use!


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